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write more.

Gingko lets you untangle your thoughts as you write them.

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"My default place to write: dump ideas, move to structure, flesh em out, rearrange, edit, export."

Osbert Lancaster
Sustainability events facilitator,
Director of Natural Change.

"I can recommend gingko — very cool [tool] for structuring prose. Got me through the third act of the last novel..."

Michael Marshall Smith
New York Times best-selling author

"It took away so much of my writing anxiety that it got me through from undergrad to a Ph.D. now."

Kristi K.
Ph.D. Candidate in Film Studies

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Upgrading Gingko

Gingko 2 is in active development and is still missing some features.
You can still sign up for the older version, if you need to.
(you can transfer your data across at any time)

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