Does the offline version sync to the online one?

No, they don’t sync yet, but they will in a future version. Here’s the plan*:

See the next two questions on how to move data between the online and offline versions.

* Note: I’m a little behind schedule on v2 online.

How do I export from the desktop to the web version?

  1. In the desktop version menu, go to “File > Export JSON…
  2. In the online version, go to “my gingko trees > New Tree”.
  3. Select “Import JSON”.

How do I import from the web to the desktop version?

  1. In the web version, go to the menu at top right and click “Export…
  2. Select “Structured text (JSON)”, and then click “Download File
  3. In the desktop version menu, go to “File > Import JSON…” and select the file you downloaded

Do I have to pay twice, if I want to use both offline and online?

Paying for the new desktop version gives you a number of months free for the online one.
The number of months you get is (price you paid / 3.75)

This is a manual process for now, so get in touch with me to receive your free months.

Do you have plans for a mobile/tablet/chromebook version?

The online version currently works on all devices. Just visit https://gingkoapp.com/login from your device.

When I release v2 of the online version, it’ll work the same way.

A native mobile version would be then next step, but that’s still a long ways off.

What are the limitations to the Free Trial?

The free trial is exactly the same as the full version, except that the free trial expires once you’ve opened Gingko on 30 different days.